Dynamic Template-Based Graphics and Branding

Versio™ Graphics simplifies the graphics creation process, enabling customers to either create or modify templates using an intuitive interface with full-motion preview and video overlay. With Versio Graphics, you can create markers and simplified macros or create more complex graphics using direct import from Adobe® After Effects®, as well as add dynamic-data driven content and real-time tags, including content triggering.

pieces of paper representing a graphics design layout
  • Expands overall command and control capability for designers
  • Allows reuse of creative files without third-party graphics tools, leveraging Adobe After Effects for graphics production
  • Enables changes to be made to graphics while live on air (text, position, etc.)
  • Delivers important real-time dynamic data updates from the playlist when paired with Versio™ Automation (Countdown Timers, Text, Media, Dynamic Branding, etc.)
  • Features web-based tools, allowing designers and operators to modify and create graphics with greater ease and accessibility
  • Simplify graphics creation process with integrated UI
  • Design basic layouts
  • Update RT text tags
  • Add Macros including preset “ProgSalvos”
  • Define actions and commands
  • Preview on-canvas or manually control on-air output
  • Manage content
  • Adobe After Effects Integration
  • Vizrt advanced graphics capabilities

Adobe After Effects integration adds:

  • Utilization of industry-standard Adobe AE for creation of rich graphics
  • Export .MOV with embedded XMP metadata from AE to Versio
  • Real-time text and graphics replacement using AE XMP metadata maintaining size, position, rotation, opacity, and font
  • Real-time DVE metadata from AE (size & position) for live/clip sources
  • Sophisticated embedded triggers from AE for interactive playback
  • Support for advanced expressions in AE for text behaviors and grouping
  • Typical use case – End credit squeeze with credit text from external database
  • Track-based view of embedded Adobe AE XMP metadata
  • Large pool of existing user expertise in After Effects

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