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Television is evolving rapidly. With Imagine Communications, you will gain the strategies and tools you need to keep pace with ongoing change. Together, we’ll develop a plan to grow your audience and your revenue by mapping your path to a thriving future.

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You know TV better than anyone. But the volume of content and ways to watch it continue to skyrocket. And where viewers go – so goes your business. Do you have the strategies and tools to keep pace with ongoing change?

At Imagine, we’ve helped the media industry navigate more than 50 years of change. Together, we can develop a plan to grow your audience and your revenue ― and map your path to a thriving future.

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Create a flexible infrastructure

Make a cost-effective move to IP and the cloud. Protect your SDI assets, use hybrid workflows and more with our standards-based production and playout solutions.

Increase revenue, reduce cost

Put declining revenue in the rear-view mirror. Take a converged approach to ad sales, combining the quality of linear with the efficiency of digital for optimum results.

Your success,
your way

Deliver TV to audiences everywhere. We provide a seamless migration path to the innovative platforms of tomorrow – tailored to your business needs and timelines.

A tried and
trusted brand

With over five decades in broadcast, we are proud that our customers include the most recognized TV brands, such as Sky, Disney, Discovery, ITV and more.

Solutions for transformative television

Imagine solutions support the two main objectives of your organization: to Make TV and Monetize TV. Optimize both and see your business soar.

Don't let inflexible infrastructure stand in your way

Make TV

IP and cloud technologies are changing the way thriving media companies make TV. A wait-and-see approach is no longer an option if you want to stay in the game.

With our standards-based production and playout solutions, you can protect your SDI assets. Use hybrid workflows where it makes sense. And make a cost-effective, incremental move to IP and the cloud.

80% Imagine solutions power 80% of the world’s top media companies.

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Make more money and spend less

Monetize TV

Linear TV isn’t going away anytime soon. But as digital continues to grow, thriving requires finding a cost-effective way to reaggregate and monetize an increasingly fragmented audience.

With our modern, cloud-based platforms, you can take a converged approach to ad sales that combines the quality of linear with the efficiency of digital. And put declining revenue in the rearview mirror.

$25B+ Imagine solutions deliver $25B+ in advertising spend and 5T impressions annually.

Featured Products

Customer success stories

Check out how innovative media companies around the world are using Imagine Communications' products and solutions to reshape the way they make and monetize TV.

ariel view of the University of Michigan's football stadium The Big House

Behind the scenes of The Big House - home of the #1-ranked Michigan Wolverines

Gain insight into how the University of Michigan production team leveraged ST 2110 to redefine the user experience of the game. Take a look!

Alaraby TV studio photo

Alaraby Television Network

Alaraby took the strategic step of moving its headquarters, production, and delivery services from London to Doha, Qatar. While originally operating from a conventional broadcasting center in London, the company saw the move as a valuable opportunity to create a facility built around fully IP, software-based technologies that adhere to SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards.

North Point Ministries

Learn how North Point Ministries in Atlanta has grown to eight campuses and developed a global network of more than 150 partner churches leveraging ST 2110.

Leading the way in a fast-evolving industry

Explore the ways in which Imagine is having a positive impact on the organizations that inform, entertain and shape the way we experience the world. 

Press release

Imagine at 2024 NAB Show: Sustainable Profitability for Linear and CTV

“At this year’s NAB Show, Imagine is demonstrating innovative solutions that move beyond pure technical enablement of linear and CTV operations to a more business-savvy view of ‘how can we do this more profitably?’” - Steve Reynolds, Imagine President


2024 Sports Broadcasting: Five Reasons IP Will Top the Leaderboard

Exploring the Power of IP Technology: A Comprehensive Analysis by Jimbo Haneklau.

Press release

Imagine Acquires Marketron REV Broadcast Sales Platform

Rebranded Imagine CrossFlight™, the product empowers N. American broadcasters to transform ad sales and prepare for a converged, audience-first future.

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