Modular Signal Processing Platform

The pioneering and proven Selenio 6800+™ has been a popular modular signal processing platform with broadcasters around the world for well over a  decade. Available with a range of cost-effective, single-purpose modules spanning the breadth of SDI processing, distribution, video conversion and frame sync to a range of fiber optics solutions, the platform also offers audio processing capabilities.

Whether you're handling audio, video or data, there’s an affordable and reliable Selenio 6800+ processing solution designed to meet your specific needs.

Selenio 6800 open showing how the module cards slot into the system

2RU hardware for Selenio 6800 processor

Selenio 6800 module card

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  • Maximize space and cost efficiencies with high-capacity architecture in a 2RU frame
  • Broad product portfolio supports a variety of applications and formats
  • Fiber solutions reliably transport high-bandwidth signals over any distance with pristine quality
  • Effortless setup and configuration enabled by field-proven control and monitoring options

Selenio 6800+™ Frame

  • Direct Ethernet connectivity (10/100Base-T) to the frame, allowing reduced slot space and device control by SNMP third-party, HTTP Web browser and CCS™ applications
  • Module communication via an internal high-speed data bus for thumbnail and enhanced alarm monitoring on Q-SEE™-compliant modules
  • Capacity to hold up to 20 single-slot modules or equivalent, in any combination of module types
  • Support for a wide array of input/output types, including analog video and audio, 3G\HD\SD\ASI-SDI, AES audio (balanced and unbalanced), fiber optics, Ethernet, serial data and RF
  • Hot-swappable front and back modules with front access
  • Backward-compatibility with all modules that operate on Selenio 6800+ QXF, XF and DM frames
  • Light weight for outside broadcast applications
  • Full Q-SEE support, including thumbnails, customizable alarms, waveform and vectorscope monitoring, and MPEG-4 streaming, for up to eight external inputs via the QSEE6800+HST module
  • Frame video genlock loop, high-performance passive loop-through
  • Support for two hot-swappable, redundant power supplies, each independently able to handle the complete frame power load (120 W); AC and DC power supplies can be mixed within one frame
  • Integral fan cooling with front-to-back primary airflow designed to support full load at 122° F (50° C) ambient, with no thermal stacking limitations
  • A variety of control methods to suit every operational environment: card-edge, CCS Navigator (PC-based control over Ethernet), HTTP Web browser, or third-party control systems via published SNMP MIBs for Selenio 6800+ modules
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