Aviator Orchestrator™

Aviator Orchestrator™

Unified Deployment Platform for
On-prem & Cloud Multi-site Workflows

Channels Everywhere

It no longer matters whether your channels are in two or more on-prem locations, two or more cloud regions, or a hybrid combination of on-prem and cloud systems.

With Imagine’s award-winning Aviator Orchestrator™, you can easily keep everything synchronized as your business and operational needs evolve over time. Manage your content, schedules, and channels, and optimize your redundancy strategy to suit changing needs, all from a common user interface.

Combining the power of Imagine’s on-prem playout and automation and its public cloud Imagine Aviator™ Plan, Make and Monetize platform, Aviator Orchestrator enables media companies to efficiently deploy and optimize their best mix of on-prem and cloud technologies.

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Aviator Orchestrator Wins Best Cloud or Virtualisation Innovation
The CSI awards are among the most prestigious and competitive technology awards in the industry.

Aviator Orchestrator Features

Cloud Deployment<br data-lazy-src=

Cloud Deployment

Operate what’s on the ground and in the cloud via a common user interface, controlling hybrid environments seamlessly.

Unified Management Interface​

Unified Management Interface​

Leverage a unified management interface for one-site or multi-site workflows, multi-tiered redundancy, disaster recovery, pop-up channels, and more.

Resources and Channel Management​

Resources and Channel Management​

Manage and optimize resources and relationships between channels and live streams in a cohesive manner.

Support for Third-Party<br data-lazy-src=

Support for Third-Party

Integrate with Amagi’s CLOUDPORT playout and THUNDERSTORM DAI, delivering channels to any FAST/OTT endpoint.

Accelerated Channel Deployment

Leveraging an innovative templated architecture and modern IT-enabled toolsets, Aviator Orchestrator reduces the time and effort required to deploy channels, ensuring consistency, simplifying per-instance configuration and reducing errors.

Templates are managed centrally, making it easy to roll out new software versions, support rollbacks, and manage occasional use and 24/7 resources.

Multi-Site Playout Systemization Across On-Prem and Cloud

The Aviator Orchestrator platform supports critical functionality to synchronize playout channels, which feature live inputs, clip playout, graphic branding, SCTE decoration, scheduled playout and master control integration. It enables disaster recovery planning and business continuity leveraging redundant channels — regardless of the redundancy strategy applied or channel locations — to be kept in sync.

Working with both Imagine’s and partners’ on-prem and cloud routing control and playout systems, including critical interfacing to channel automation, Aviator Orchestrator effortlessly manages the underlying workflow complexities, keeping the operational focus on maintaining smooth operation and on-air stability.

One site, many sites. In the cloud, on-prem or hybrid.
Channels Everywhere — Aviator Orchestrator.

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