End-to-End Video Operations and Channel Playout

Today’s media networks must support an increasing number of distribution platforms and find a way to package and repackage content for global audiences efficiently and profitably, while maintaining a high-quality, consistent viewing experience.

Imagine Communications provides media networks with an end-to-end framework for managing video operations and channel playout that leverages existing investments and provides significantly improved economics over current operations. With channel playout functions that are cloud-enabled, the management of hybrid SDI, ASI, and IP content is transparent, supporting advertising models for new revenue-generation ventures. 

A view from the other side of a server rack where we can see two people examining the machines.
Nexio Motion
Nexio® Motion™ is the integration and workflow enablement platform for Imagine storage and playout solutions. The system creates automated processes that move and manage media between Imagine products, storage, and third-party solutions, kicking off workflows such as quality control, transcoding, restore from archive, and many more.
Versio Content Portal
Versio™ Content Portal is a part of Versio™ Core Services, managing all the required playout elements within a common database, including video, audio, and still and graphic layout content, while enabling triggering of several key workflows to improve operational efficiency. A common file orchestration layer provides storage inventory management and file movement. 
Versio IOX
Imagine Communications offers multi-petabyte scalable, state-of-the-art storage solutions to suit every application and budget, enabling media companies to improve the performance of their current workflows, and enhance their storage resources to accommodate next-generation market requirements.
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