Introducing Adaptive Audience Fulfilment

We recognize that the traditional way of selling advertising has its merits. But it also brings with it complexity and cost, which makes it difficult to compete and grow your business in an increasingly digital world.

The good news is that there is a better way to sell advertising. Just ask our many customers around the world who have successfully adopted and rolled out adaptive audience fulfilment (AAF) ― the idea of selling an audience rather than specific spot times, while adjusting where spots are placed in real time to ensure the promised audience targets are met. 

Broadcasters outside of the U.S. have been using various forms of audience-based selling for over 20 years. It’s widely viewed as a better way to trade than the traditional spot-based model because it results in higher yields based on continuous optimization of inventory. And it delivers all this with less cost and complexity.

Adaptive audience fulfilment can be applied to a purely broadcast environment or to a hybrid environment where online services coexist alongside broadcast television as a TV everywhere offering to the consumer.

Simply put, adaptive audience fulfilment is a better way to trade advertising ― by audience versus spot, across all video platforms.

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Why Make the Move to Adaptive Audience Fulfilment?

Scale, Optimization, Efficiency

The first step to transformation is to change how your linear advertising is sold. Implementing adaptive audience fulfillment will allow you to reduce the complexity of linear advertising sales today, while streamlining the transition from linear to cohesive, multiplatform ad sales.

Eager to dive in deeper?

In the following session, Phil Kurz from TV Technology connects with Imagine’s Brad Herman, Hearst’s Al Lustgarten, and Graham Media Group’s Catherine Badalamente to discuss lessons learned and opportunities of converged selling and platforms in the real world.

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Survive and Thrive in the New Media World

Adaptive audience fulfilment allows broadcasters to compete head-to-head with digital-first competitors by looking at all opportunities for ad placement across platforms, develop campaigns that deliver the reach the advertiser wants, and maximize revenues.

The ability to develop a linear or digital campaign, retain brand protection, and thrive in the new media world calls for a high degree of intelligence in your ad tech system.

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Optimising the Media Buying Journey

“If a TV ad campaign is a journey, then U.S. media buyers are still unfolding big maps and plotting out their route.” – Graham Heap, Senior Director, Product Management

It’s time for GPS-style ad sales. Check out this quick 1-minute read today.

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