Modern Multichannel Automation

Versio™ Automation is an integrated playout automation in the Versio™ modular ecosystem. It is used to streamline multichannel control environments with an intuitive web-based UI, and designed to coordinate the management of all the Versio™ components needed for complete channel origination.

Versio™ Automation supports anywhere operations with easy-to-navigate event management, vertical channel workspaces, and horizontal timelines. Being part of the Versio integrated playout environment ensures assets get to air fully prepped and QC’d on time, every time. For added peace of mind, Versio Automation delivers a wide range of redundancy offerings, including N+M and multisite playout capabilities.

Screen capture of the automation software

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  • Intuitive: Modern and flexible operability with drag & drop, versatile containers, linked lists, gang roll
  • Anywhere access with web-based applications
  • Unified multichannel control: Centralized playlist management with multiple configurable views: rundown, timeline, dashboard
  • More redundancy options: Hot failover, cold standby, N+1, N+M
  • Tightly integrated with other modules in Versio such as ingest, content management, graphics, master control, or audio manager
  • Elastic scalability: Service-oriented architecture (SOA) allows geo-dispersed deployments and operations
  • Choice of hardware: Virtualization supported
  • Cloud workflows: Integrates seamlessly with Imagine Aviator for hybrid cloud/on-prem deployments
  • Channel landing page provides simple, high-level overview of all channels and their status
  • Easily visualize and operate multiple playlists at the same time
  • Primary event control for clips and live events
  • Secondary event control for graphics, MCS transitions, SCTE insertion, audio profiles, secondary record and more.
  • Traffic integration with BXF protocol
  • Traffic Translator to apply schedule translation rules
  • Playlist management: create, modify, save, load, or append playlists
  • Requests for missing media and automatic cache
  • As-run creation and stored on central database; viewer for easy display and export
  • Fast event editing: Insert, delete, copy/paste, drag/drop and modify primary and secondary events
  • Offline list editing
  • Event status and error monitoring, including QC status and QC actions
  • Clocks/Timers: Playlist time, remaining duration, break duration, gap / overlap warning, time to event and more
  • Advanced secondary event management, select types to be hidden or displayed
  • Preview any clip or graphic event in the playlist. Thumbnail preview of channel output
  • Playlist control: Play, Ripple, Stop, Clear Schedule, etc.
  • Third-party control: Imagine video servers, routers, multiviewers, custom drivers, GPO
  • Integration layer with RESTful API to integrate with 3rd-parties
  • Event containers to group shows or commercial breaks; easily expand/collapse and re-order; assign SCTE triggers and other secondary events to these containers
  • Find & Replace in current list or selected lists
  • GPI Triggers
  • Export missing media log
  • System health status with detailed metrics
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