Playout Solutions

Your viewers deserve the best viewing experience anywhere, anytime.

Media companies are under constant pressure to spin up new channels for multiple platforms — and fast-track time to revenue.

Efficiently reaching a fragmented, anywhere/anytime audience requires rethinking the way you do playout – you need the best tools and enough flexibility to adapt quickly to every change.

Imagine offers the right premium channel origination technology to achieve these goals, whether on-prem, or in a hybrid or cloud environment. Deliver your high-value content with eye-catching graphics and impeccable video and audio for a memorable and engaging viewer experience every time.  

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Cloud Playout

To thrive in a competitive media landscape with evolving viewer habits, broadcasters and digital-first video distributors are driven to deliver compelling content reliably, at the highest quality, to any device.

Imagine offers a cloud-native solution ideally suited for any demanding content origination environment, allowing you to maximize the revenue potential of every TV service. From quickly spinning up a limited-time channel to standing up a DR channel or getting a playoff game live on-air for broadcast in-venue and beyond, we can help you leverage the flexibility of cloud infrastructure to meet your business needs.  

Integrated Playout

Today, broadcast automation is no longer simply channel playout — it has become a content management and channel origination ecosystem. Media operations need to be able to distribute their content simply and effectively, regardless of format.

The Imagine Versio ecosystem includes all the must-have components to successfully orchestrate workflows on-prem from ingest to playout, operating in SDI or ST 2110 IP, or delivering in UHD or HDR:

Versio™ Integrated Playout

On-Prem Playout Ecosystem for SDI/2110

Versio™ Automation

Modern Multichannel Automation

Versio™ Content Portal

Media Preparation & Content Management

Versio™ Control

Configurable Master Control Dashboards

Versio™ Ingest Scheduler

Ingest Control Application

Versio™ Redundancy

Channel Redundancy Builder

Playout Automation

Scalable. Reliable. Field-proven. Imagine’s enterprise playout automation enables you to manage your end-to-end on-premises environment in either hybrid SDI/IP or all-IP. No-worry third-party integration with every device, whether older or newer. Manage multichannel environments with guaranteed frame accuracy, ensuring a streamlined channel playout without errors.

Video Servers

Imagine provides media networks with an end-to-end framework for managing video operations, ingest and channel playout, ensuring the highest-quality record and playback functions with an extensive palette of control utilities.

Media Storage

Imagine’s powerful, easy-to-manage storage solution is optimized to support high-bandwidth, high-volume, high-availability requirements for end-to-end media workflow operations. IOX offers the highest performance level with multi-petabytes of storage and the highest levels of scalability, reliability and digital asset protection.


Aviator™ Make TV Demo

Leverage the flexibility of the cloud to easily start/stop channels, run a pop-up, DR or FAST channel, and more!

Playout Perspectives

See how broadcasters globally depend on Versio for their mission-critical playout

IP Infrastructure

Transition at the pace that works with your business

Delivering Channels Everywhere with Aviator Orchestrator

Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity for Broadcast Playout

The Integrated Approach
to Playout

Give your audience the premium viewing experience they deserve!

Imagine playout solutions for on-prem, or a hybrid or cloud environment, make it easy to reach your audience however they’re consuming TV, while helping you fast-track your time to revenue.