Across the industry and around the world, broadcasters and media companies are experiencing a transformational period of both disruption and opportunity as they embark on a technology migration to IP.

With the introduction of Imagine Advisory Services (IAS), we offer professional consultations for broadcast and media customers making the migration-driven business- and technology-level decisions that will determine the future of their facilities and operations.

Leveraging our extensive industry experience and understanding of the unique business of broadcast, our team will engage with your staff to:

  • review the viability of current procedures and operations
  • conduct in-depth infrastructure Health Checks
  • develop comprehensive business continuity plans, including revenue protection and optimization frameworks 
  • deliver customized technology and change management briefings
  • recommend extended care opportunities
Through our IAS suite of offerings, you can count on sound, field-proven advice to help you navigate any technology migration, ensure the integrity of your mission-critical gear, and plan for seamless, disruption-free operations in any dynamic environment.

Our Approach

Each IAS engagement is tailored to the specific needs of broadcast and media customers, with consideration for local laws and regulations as well as industry standards and trends.

Imagine Advisory Services is grouped into three distinct practice areas:

Inform and Educate

We offer a series of customized and interactive Technology Briefings, delivering high-level or deeper dive education and training to help you make business- and technology-level decisions about your migration project. These Briefings can be held at your facility, or in one of the IAS Training Centers in Toronto, Thames Ditton (near London), or Ismaning (near Munich):
  • Basic Briefings – tailored to the management team and decision-makers
  • Advanced Briefings – in-depth technology sessions for operational and engineering staff
We also offer Change Management Briefings for an integrated approach to seamless organizational transformation — focusing on your employees and helping them adjust and adapt to the latest technologies and processes for a more productive and satisfying work environment.

Analyze and Remediate

Our seasoned team stands ready to engage with yours, offering an industry-first Business Continuity Check service to ensure smooth, optimized operations during major disrupting events.

With our Business Continuity Check for Playout & Networking, we will help you build a comprehensive preparedness plan, or thoroughly review existing plans for completeness and speed-to-launch. And our Business Continuity Check for Ad Tech includes support with data back-ups, emergency updates and changes to backend infrastructure.

In our comprehensive Health Check program, our world-class broadcast engineers and analysts will engage with your team to evaluate existing infrastructure, identify hidden risks, and deliver recommendations on how to best provide reliable, disruption-free broadcasts and distribution of content. We offer:
With our customized, actionable solutions, you can properly maintain legacy equipment — including encoders/decoders, processors, routers, servers and storage solutions, and more — while pursuing a seamless, self-paced migration to next-gen technology.

Service and Optimize

Our experts will engage with your team, addressing key issues such as business optimization and technology transformation. Utilizing leading best practices and leveraging our longstanding industry experience, this IAS offering includes an evaluation, followed by recommendations and guidance to help you implement future-proof infrastructure solutions, while optimizing revenue and exploring new opportunities.

IAS Service and Optimization offerings can help with:

Technology Transformations
  • SDI to IP
  • Bare-metal to virtualized on-/off-prem cloud
  • Satellite to terrestrial distribution
Business/Revenue Optimization
  • Current revenue sources
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Workflow and business operations
  • Proofs of concept/Lab-as-a-service

Your Path. Your Pace.

Take it on with Imagine Advisory Services.

Let's get started!

  • Information & Education
  • Business Continuity Check (Playout & Networking)
  • Business Continuity Check (Ad Tech)
  • Health Check (Playout)
  • Health Check (Networking & Infrastructure)
  • Health Check (Advertising Management Systems)
  • Service & Optimization

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