Linear Channel Origination Ecosystem

Versio™ modular playout is a microservices-based media workflow ecosystem, offering everything you need for complete channel creation – from ingest and media asset management to playout, master control, and graphics.

As a fully software-based ecosystem, Versio can be deployed on-premise, in the public cloud, or in a hybrid environment, providing media companies with increased agility to accelerate the launch of new channels and services, explore new revenue ideas, and reduce total cost of ownership. Versio enables you to operate a single playout ecosystem to generate content for broadcast, OTT, linear, nonlinear, mobile, or any other platform.

Diagram showing the overall Versio modular playout structure

A visual list of how the different Versio Modules fit into different Playout categories

Screen capture of the content portal software

Screen capture of the automation software

Screen capture of the ingest control panel

Screen capture of the graphics control panel

Screen capture of the live panel software interface

The Complete Versio Ecosystem

stacks of colorful hexagon blocks
  • Scalable, modular solution designed to fit to any installation
  • Enables the launch of new channels quickly and cost-effectively
  • Known and tested platform that allows you to transition at your pace to IP playout
  • Easily add new functionality and maintain disruption-free operations
  • Cloud-ready
    • Reduce fixed infrastructure footprint
    • Expand to new markets or regions
    • Reduce capex spend
    • Globally accessible
    • Scales on demand
    • Flexible pricing
    • On-demand business continuity; schedule synchronization for hybrid operations
  • Single unified UI, database and metadata
  • Reduces equipment and operational costs by virtualizing master control
  • On-premise, datacenter, and cloud-ready (see Applications)
  • Hybrid SDI I/O or compressed or uncompressed IP workflows
  • Support for SMPTE ST 2110 standards:
    • ST 2110-20 uncompressed video stream
    • ST 2110-30 uncompressed audio stream
    • ST 2110-31 Dolby Digital/AC-3 compressed audio stream
    • ST 2110-40 ancillary data stream
    • “-7” Redundancy – seamless failover for both inputs, outputs, and PTP (ST 2059 BMCA PTP timing)
  • Support for SMPTE ST 2110 inputs and outputs including:
    • Live inputs, two per channel (including make-before-break clean switching)
    • External key fill inputs, two per channel
    • Up to three simultaneous outputs per channel including either:
      • Program
      • Preset
      • Clean
      • Branded++
  • Supports 8- or 10-bit, 1080i 25/29.97
  • Single or dual 8-channel audio streams (up to 16-channels per-input)
  • Workflow orchestration layer to manage the interaction of the 2110 hardware I/O device, networking, PTP, and core processing
  • Allows interfacing to other Imagine or third-party ST 2110 compatible devices
    • Versio MCS Panel and Versio Control
    • Magellan SDNO (including hit-less SEAM switching)
  • MPEG-2 transport streams receive and transmit
  • Up/down/cross conversion
  • Advanced Audio Track Router for audio track shuffling and loudness correction
  • Graphics, full screen DVE, and dynamic data sources
  • 608, OP42, OP47 subtitles
  • VCHIP/XDS, SCTE-104 insertion
  • Future proof, microservices-based design
  • Optional UHD: 2160p @59.94/50 fps and HDR support

a visual representation of how the different Versio modules fit into each of the areas of Playout
Using Versio™ Modules to Create Solutions

Versio™ Ingest is available as a component of Versio modular playout. Versio Ingest provides a highly integrated operational experience from booking, to media prep and QC, to playout, and archive.

Versio™ Graphics simplifies the graphics creation process, enabling customers to either create or modify templates using an intuitive web-based interface with full-motion preview and video overlay. Versio Graphics can create markers and simplified macros or create more complex graphics using direct import from Adobe® After Effects®, as well as add dynamic-data driver content and real-time tags, including content triggering.

Optimized for cloud deployments, Versio™ Automation streamlines channel deployment. Channels can be created quickly without the need for time-consuming configuration. Versio Automation’s intuitive web-based UI supports operations anywhere with easy-to-navigate clip management, vertical channel workspaces, and horizontal timeline. Being fully integrated with Versio modular playout workflow tools ensure assets get to air fully prepped and QC’d on time, every time.

The Versio Redundancy option provides a flexible redundancy solution that keeps up to five channels mirrored and synchronized. Versio Redundancy includes automatic failover based on real-time health and status monitoring. It also provides a pivot point where customers can begin moving to the cloud, such as in disaster recovery for business continuity.

Versio Control
A configurable web-based dashboard, Versio™ Control enables users to build customized contextual-driven control and monitoring that is unique to your operational requirements. Built for touch interaction with large touchpoints and intuitive mobile-like gestures — making the user experience simpler and smarter — Versio Control allows you to effortlessly add functionality through its intuitive grid-based, drag-and-drop configuration in real time.

For more traditional workflows, Versio Master Control Surface (MCS) is available as a component of Versio modular playout, enabling simplified control of switching graphics and automation workflows.

Workflow is a file orchestration module that ensures playout runs smoothly. Workflow makes sure video, graphics, and other assets required for channel origination make it where they need to be on time, every time. Workflow integrates with a wide range of third-party asset management tools, archives, and storage devices, including Amazon S3. Workflow also automates processes within the Versio modular playout ecosystem, orchestrating workflows such as transcoding, file transfer, metadata extraction, and human tasks such as QC review.

Core Services
Core services is a management layer of services, databases, and communication tools required to inter-module communication. The heart of the Versio modular playout solution, Core Services is a highly resilient, scalable, clustered environment deployable on-premise or in the cloud. For cloud deployments, Core Services takes advantage of many AWS services to further increase reliability and resiliency, and to reduce operating costs.

Content Portal
Versio™ Content Portal provides a common content management layer for linear media preparation and distribution for playout. Content Portal manages all the required playout elements within a common database, including video, audio, and still and graphic layout content, and enables triggering of several key workflows to improve operational efficiency. A common file orchestration layer provides storage inventory management and file movement.

Versio™ Modular Playout in AWS

Versio modular playout leverages cloud-native services and technologies to the fullest, focusing on what we do best: playout and content monetization. With AWS, our mantra is service over instance –  by optimizing our Versio solution in AWS, we enable broadcasters to reach wider audiences than ever before and to do so in a cost-optimized, secure, reliable, and globally- distributed environment.

And here’s how we do it:

Core Services, our services layer of databases and communication tools, takes advantage of many AWS services, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Elastic Load Balancer. These services are directly integrated into our Core Services architecture to create a cloud-optimized environment that is ready for air.

For playout we utilize AWS Media Services, to play out into a robust and reliable “AWS air chain” that provides several levels of redundancy across the services. Combining this with our Versio Redundancy service creates a powerful design offering multiple points of stream redundancy from playout through to air.

The optimizations are not limited to playout, the Versio modular playout workflow module can read and write directly to Amazon S3 storages, providing scalable production, prep storage, archiving, and a centralized third-party “drop off” point for media essences and playlists.

Versio in AWS removes the time and complexity of large physical infrastructure deployments and enables comparatively instant deployment of global services. Ease of access to these features is vitally important now more than ever. Versio in AWS provides a clear, accessible path to channel origination, adding value in the key area of operations and management. Versio customers can rest assured that their content origination is powered by industry-proven technology, and take advantage of continued service improvements and opportunities that come from a cloud-enabled business.

lit up map of Australia
IP Playout: NPC Media Proves Consolidation is Smart Business

How do you transform a single-station playout facility supporting 18 regional channels into a multi-tenanted managed media services provider distributing more than 211 live terrestrial television channels nationwide? For starters, you go IP.

Join us for an illuminating conversation with NPC Media’s Chris Howe on how moving to IP has enabled this Australian change-maker to pursue business-driving new ventures that they would have had to say no to just a few years ago.

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Sinclair Broadcast Group Puts Cloud Playout Through its Paces

From rapid deployment of new services to massive economies of scale, cloud-based playout promises to revolutionize the way broadcasters deliver channels. But how is it actually working in the real world? 

Join us as we sit down with Mike Kralec from Sinclair Broadcast Group to hear how SBG put cloud-based tech through its paces during a migration of three of its emerging networks ― Comet, Charge! and TBD ― to AWS.

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Tales of Scale: Secrets to Successfully Scaling Any-size Playout Operation

Under pressure from management and media rivals to scale up your channel count? With minimal risk and zero disruption? Welcome to the new normal.

Our panel of experts has collectively spent decades supporting channel spin-ups ― from small-scale operations to monster playout environments. They’ll share lessons learned and best practices for disaster recovery, IP, branding for different markets, and the inevitable OTT. Be sure to bring your questions for our live Q&A!

two women working in a broadcast booth on Versio software for a sporting event
Playout Perspectives: What's Working in the Real World?

The days of a single over-the-air channel are long behind us. Media companies are under constant pressure to spin up new channels for multiple platforms — and fast-track time to revenue.

Future-focused media companies around the world are tackling these challenges by rethinking and reshaping the way they manage playout.

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MultiChoice Moves to Exceed Consumer Expectations with IP Platform from Imagine Communications

MultiChoice, the largest satellite broadcaster in Africa, is responding to rapidly growing customer demand for superior content by building a new playout centre. The new facility is the first stage of the broadcaster’s transformation from traditional video playout to leading-edge IP transport and modular playout technology, providing for greater business agility, technical and operational flexibility and a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO). This allows for an improved consumer experience and ensures faster speed to market with new broadcast offerings.

a group of people reviewing content in a broadcast control room
Playout Planning Guide: Choose the Right Deployment Model For Your Business

Choosing a playout solution that supports a phased approach to next-generation technology allows you to sustain current operations, protect your investment, and make a seamless transition at a pace that works for your business.

In this Guide, we will discuss the challenges today’s media organizations face in implementing competitive channel playout operations, while comparing the benefits of on-premises, hybrid, and fully cloud-based deployments to help you determine which model is right for your business. 

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