Master Control Solution for Simplified, Streamlined Workflows

Versio™ Master Control Surface (MCS) is a component of the Versio™ modular playout suite. Versio™ MCS provides an intuitive, touchscreen-based master control surface designed for either fully manual operation or combined with automation. It enables full control of switching, graphics and automation.

Versio™ MCS offers ultimate deployment flexibility – on premise, remote or in a cloud environment.

In addition to an advanced set of master control solutions that allow for simplified and streamlined workflows from creation to air, Versio™ MCS provides solutions for single-channel or multiple-channel control.

Screen capture of the live panel software interface

man touching the screen, in the center of a big burst of light
  • Intuitive user-friendly web interfaces
  • Single unified control surface for graphics, automation and master control
  • 100% software-based
  • Advanced automation integration, simplifies operations and reduces operational costs
  • Consistent user experience across channel origination technology
  • Manual control of Versio™ advanced switching, graphics and automation
  • Single- or multi-channel (group) control
  • Control of Versio advanced audio track router – full audio shuffle support
  • UMD and Tally support for Imagine and third-party multiviewers
  • Preview and program thumbnails
  • Group control of 1-to-n channels
  • Upstream Platinum™ and Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator router control to Versio™
  • Manual control of microservice components
  • Live panel for dynamic sports operations, including commercial break manipulation
  • Updates to real-time graphics
  • Cloud capable
  • Optional hardware panel

Master Control Live Surface

Versio MCS Live Surface gives operators total control of live sports.  The powerful and intuitive panel allows breaks to be inserted, removed and re-ordered across multiple channels. Perfect for use in studios and outside broadcast facilities utilizing its remote-control capabilities.

  • Abstracts the traditional linear list, into easily moveable blocks.
  • Breaks can be inserted and reordered across multiple channels from a single intuitive UI.
  • Search, browse, and control graphics element, perfect for live sports environments.
  • Jump to next and previous live.
  • Multiple copy cut or pastes actions can be achieved by single button press.

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