IP Media Processing Platform 

Selenio™ Network Processor (SNP) is the industry’s first pure-IP media processing platform, supporting uncompressed UHD based on SMPTE ST 2110. This high-density, scalable platform enables media companies to seamlessly transition
from SDI to all-IP networks, while adhering to the SMPTE ST 2022-6 and ST 2110 standards.

The standards-based SNP interoperates with Imagine’s other UHD- and IP-ready solutions, as well as with commercial
off-the-shelf (COTS) IP switches, providing media companies the flexibility to work with a variety of technology
suppliers for a seamless end-to-end production workflow.

Watch our Fall 2021 New Feature Check-in >>

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See everything SNP can do and watch the original overview view from John Mailhot in the Features section below.

SNP hardware (front)

SNP hardware (front) with the hot swap-able power supply option

Rear of SNP hardware

green and blue strings connected by pins
  • Implement a fully scalable, future-ready, standards-based IP production or playout system
  • Carry UHD Native (single streams) over ST 2110-20 IP video for simple routing and clean-switching
  • Reduce operational complexity with multiple processing functions in one compact frame
  • Transition smoothly from a hybrid to full-IP network
  • Access agile and flexible processing capabilities for different events and applications
  • Incorporate UHD in end-to-end IP production workflows

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  • ST 2110-20 Video
  • ST 2110-30 PCM Audio
  • ST 2110-31 AES3 Transparent Transport
  • ST 2110-40 Data
  • ST 2022-6 SDI over IP
  • ST 2022-7 seamless protection switching of IP streams
  • ST 2022-8 timing of ST 2022-6 streams in ST 2110 systems
  • NMOS IS-04 discovery and registration
  • NMOS IS-05 device connection management
  • UHD over single ST 2110-20 stream
  • UHD over 12G-SDI or Quad-SDI (2SI and SQD)
  • HD/3G and UHD clean and quiet switching
  • IP to SDI mode
  • SDI to IP mode
  • IP to IP mode
  • Frame synchronization to PTP with adjustable output phasing and delay
  • Video proc amp, frame delay, and color correction
  • Audio proc amp and delay adjustment
  • 4 independent processing blocks for various operations (synchronization, conversion, UHD remap of SQD/2SI)
  • HD/3G/UHD up/down/cross conversion (licensed option)
  • HD Proxy (as separate 1080i or 1080p ST 2110-20 stream) for UHD signal monitoring (licensed option)
  • SDR/HDR (HLG, PQ, S-Log3) conversion (licensed option)
  • MADI Audio Processing (via optional SFP) (licensed option)
  • Audio embedding and de-embedding between SDI, ST 2022-6, and ST 2110
  • Flexible channel support of audio IP streams
  • Basic frame rate conversion (add/drop frame) in Conversion personality
  • Sharpness control in down conversion
  • On screen display (text overlay)
  • Preset save/recall
  • Black Burst (BB) output generated, synchronized to received PTP timing
  • Dual QSFP28 Flexible Ethernet up to 100GbE
  • 32 HD-BNC (8 are 12G capable) connectors for SDI I/O
  • I/O Expansion via SFP (MADI, 3G coaxial and optical)
  • Redundant power supplies in single assembly or hot-swappable independent units
  • Front-serviceable main processing board and power supply

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SNP is optimized for UHD production via redundant 100-Gigabit data connections capable of delivering eight uncompressed UHD signals in each direction — improving overall efficiency and power-consumption, while preserving picture quality and system latency.

SNP also provides critical synchronization and integration of signals into the production environment, ensuring interoperability with all other standards-compliant equipment.

Along with powerful, IP-enabled video processing, SNP offers all the capabilities required in today’s complex production environments, including audio processing, color space adjustments and HD-UHD up-, down- and cross-conversion, as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) adaptations and conversions required for integrating UHD and HD signals.

Ideal for fast-paced mobile live production, SNP features four integral processing blocks, each of which can be assigned a separate application and reprogrammed on the fly. The multipurpose nature and quick-configuration capabilities of the SNP significantly reduce equipment requirements and enable production companies to respond to the demands of the current job, and then quickly reconfigure to tackle future assignments.

digital clock
Precision Time Protocol
We leverage our PTP knowledge and experiences through products like our Magellan™ SDNO Control System, Selenio™ Network Processor (SNP) platform and the third party products we utilize to provide reliable ST 2110 solutions with efficient maintenance capabilities.
hand touching a digital network overhead
IP Infrastructure
Today, IP technology is mature, proven and driving customer success. From broadcast studios to sports venues to connected campuses, IP is enabling media companies to pursue business-driving new ventures that they would have had to say no to just a few years ago.

At Imagine, we’re ready whenever you are. Our in-house IP experts and field-tested, standards-based solutions can help you maximize the life of your SDI investments and transition to IP at whatever pace works with your business.

NC State Transforms Distance Learning with SMPTE ST 2110
By deploying an open-standard, SDI-to-IP hybrid system from Imagine Communications, NC State was able to replace equipment that had reached end-of-life status and continue using their SDI legacy gear as part of the new architecture.
hand holding a reflecting glass showing the road ahead
UHD/HDR Infrastructure: Lots of Ways to do it – Choose Wisely!
For starters, there are multiple ways to do it. In this info-packed IP Showcase session, Imagine’s John Mailhot explores the rapid evolution of UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) and shares best practices for building an engineer-friendly, future-proof UHD/HDR ecosystem.  
thumbnail of a virtual representation of the eBook in print form
Perspectives on Live Production: Multiple Paths to IP
The demands of live production have always been immediate and intense. As video gets bigger, budgets get smaller, and remote production increasingly becomes the norm, migrating to agile IP technology can help you keep pace.
tablet with a still frame from the featured video and a large green playbutton
Selenio™ Network Processor – Defining the New Era of Television Infrastructure
What can Selenio Network Processor do for me? Simple answer: Just about anything. Watch this 2-minute video with industry-expert John Mailhot to learn more.
tpc Rolls Out ST 2110 Full-IP Uncompressed UHD HDR OB Truck

When tpc’s UHD1 hit the road, this leading Swiss service provider became the first to broadcast a live sports event from a SMPTE ST 2110, full-IP, uncompressed UHD HDR OB truck.

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North Point Ministries Links Campuses and Partner Churches over SMPTE ST 2110
Imagine SNP on 100 gigabit ethernet delivers Ultra HD for shared worship experiences.
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MultiChoice Moves to Exceed Consumer Expectations with IP Platform from Imagine Communications

MultiChoice, the largest satellite broadcaster in Africa, is responding to rapidly growing customer demand for superior content by building a new playout centre. The new facility is the first stage of the broadcaster’s transformation from traditional video playout to leading-edge IP transport and modular playout technology, providing for greater business agility, technical and operational flexibility and a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO). This allows for an improved consumer experience and ensures faster speed to market with new broadcast offerings.

Icon that's an outline of a bullhorn.
tpc Switzerland Builds Agile Studio Center Around IP Infrastructure from Imagine Communications
Imagine now provides IP processing for new production and playout center at the Metechno project in Switzerland.
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Imagine Communications Provides QVC With All-IP Upgrade to UHD in Japan
Imagine Communicatins SMPTE ST 2110-compliant Selenio Network Processor anchors video and ecommerce retailer’s new state-of-the-art facility.
Top 7 Business Benefits of Transitioning Video Operations to IP

Need to sell your CFO on the advantages of migrating to IP? This run-down of the top 7 business-improving benefits will help you make the case.

V!dee OBX Truch at IBC
Videe’s OBX Gets Ready for Live Production Future
Step inside the Imagine-equipped Videe OBX – one of Europe’s largest UHD OB trucks.
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