Enterprise-Class Routing

Platinum™ IP3 delivers the highest integration of routing technology available and comes in two frame sizes – 28RU and 15RU. Designed for reliable, resilient, high-quality routing of all signal types, Platinum IP3 supports a range of applications, from workflows at multichannel video programming distributors, large national broadcasters or network hubs that require thousands of inputs and outputs (I/O), to studios and mobile production trucks.

Providing mixed-format video and audio routing, mux/demux, multiviewer functionality, frame sync and advanced I/O options such as MADI and fiber, Platinum IP3 also features integrated IP capability, making it ideal as a central gateway in any hybrid IP/SDI routing environment.

With a powerful, operator-friendly control paradigm, on-air matrix expansion, set up and reconfiguration can be seamlessly executed. The IP3 also features redundant crosspoints, protecting all mission-critical signal paths, and is future-proofed to support Ultra High Definition (UHD) signals.

Two 28RU routing systems side by side

15RU router hardware (front)

Front doors and back panel fans of the Platinum IP3 28RU hardware

blurred router lights
  • Highest integration of functionalities in a single frame – processing , multiviewers , synchronization, IP gateways
  • Simplest path from SDI to IP and UHD – leverages your existing infrastructure
  • Best SDI expansion ability – creates larger routing systems than others, even while on-air
  • Best fault tolerance and redundancy model – covers audio and video routing, and control system
  • Field-proven router control system – manages SDI and IP matrices simultaneously
  • Familiar user interface and panels – reduces errors and training during SDI to IP transition
  • Unlimited scaling – combines with a COTS switch


  • Mixed-signal routing (SD, HD, 3 Gb/s, IP and audio)
  • Up to 288 x 512 video in a single 15RU frame
  • Up to 576 x 512 video in two interconnected 15RU frames
  • Up to 576×1024 video in a single 28RU frame
  • Up to 1152×1024 video in two interconnected 28RU frames
  • Over 2000×2000 video matrices are supported with multiple-frame configurations
  • Independent signal paths and crosspoints for video and audio
  • Full redundancy for power, control and signals
  • Redundant crosspoints protect all signal paths including integrated multiviewers
  • Clean and quiet switching for on-air applications
  • Mux/Demux audio processing support
    • Mux/Demux 16 channels of audio per video stream
    • Full mono breakaway audio routing support
    • Seamless integration between demultiplexed and discrete audio
    • Multiplex 16 channels of audio into each video output
  • Optional eight-channel frame sync input card for wild feed ingest and audio shuffling, as well as demultiplexing of up to 16 channels of embedded audio in each video stream
  • Router matrix expansion functionality enables cost-effective expansion of outputs MADI support simplifies audio interconnects between production audio consoles and the router to better support high-density audio
  • Modular I/O in groups of eight or nine provide support for either coaxial or fiber connectivity
  • Front-loading, hot-swappable modules for 24/7 operation
  • Enhanced, easy-to-use Magellan™ control system enables dynamic, on-air reconfiguration
    • Wide range of hardware control panels
    • Powerful control integration for easy setup and configuration
    • Software and web-based applications with user-configurable GUIs
    • Protocol support for Magellan CCS™, SNMP and third-party vendors
    • Secure access rights with restrictions by level, source and destination
    • Secure access rights with restrictions by level, source and destination
    • Easy-to-use HTML 5 software-based control panel
  • Video routing support
  • Almost any digital video signal from 3Mb/s to over 3Gb/s including:
    • SD-SDI & HD-SDI to 1080p (3 Gb/s)
    • ASI, SMPTE 310, SMPTE 305, etc.
    • 4K and graphic routing beyond 3Gb/s supported via multiple paths
    • SMPTE compliant analog video supported via conversion to/from SD-SDI on I/O
  • Discrete audio routing support
    • Digital audio signals including balanced and unbalanced AES
    • Analog stereo/mono audio via conversion to/from AES on I/O modules
    • Support for up to 16 embedded AES streams per video input
    • “Quiet switch” with transitions
    • Support for Dolby and other compressed formats (without “Quiet Switch”)
  • Platinum™ SX Pro integrated multiviewer
    • Monitoring of up to 512 sources over 192 displays
    • Monitoring of embedded, AES, analog or MADI audio
    • Onscreen control
    • Closed Caption decode and display
    • Onscreen clocks and timers
    • Tallies and UMDs

Industry’s Most Scalable Router
Platinum IP3 is the first signal router that can scale to multi-frame configurations for large to very large broadcast operations using a common architecture. The Platinum IP3 28RU scales up to 576×1024 in a single frame, and to more than 2Kx2K in multi-frame configurations without external distribution amplifiers or combiners. The 15RU delivers multiformat signal routing up to 288 x 512 video in a single 15RU frame, and up to 576 x 512 video in two interconnected 15RU frames. Scale seamlessly up to the larger matrices, eliminating the need to take your station off the air.

Hybrid IP/SDI Routing
With the addition of a module that provides a best-in-class, multichannel uncompressed over IP solution, the Platinum IP3 becomes the central gateway in a hybrid IP/SDI routing environment.

Protect Video, Audio and Multiviewer Signals
Platinum IP3 is the only router in the industry that protects audio, video and multiviewer signals. By adding redundant crosspoints to the Platinum line’s uniquely integrated architecture, the next-generation platform reduces cost and complexity, while maximizing on-air security.

Enhanced Control and Monitoring
Platinum IP3 offers a highly intuitive, centralized controller that simplifies communications management between the router and other connected components. A rich, web-based user interface and template-driven configuration simplify access to information, speed setup of both the database and system, and enable updates to publish to the entire system in seconds — without going off-air.

Integrated Multiviewer
Platinum SX Pro is an output module that operates in any current Platinum router chassis (5, 9, 15 or 28RU). Occupying from one to four slots, the module can reside alone in a Platinum frame and function exclusively as a multiviewer or can be combined with routing cards for ultimate flexibility. Platinum SX Pro is capable of monitoring from 16 to 512 sources and driving up to 192 independent displays.

cloud and gear icon with the name Platinum
Platinum Routing Configuration Tool

Ready to see what your routing solution can look like? Check out our easy-to-use Platinum routing configuration tool. Select any size frame and matrix. Explore routing options that fit your needs and build your ideal system. With the Platinum™ router line — and our Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator software control solution — every choice is the right one.

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