Intelligent Media Movement

Nexio® Motion™ is the integration and workflow enablement module for Imagine's playout solutions — an integral part of the Versio™ modular ecosystem and ADC Automation environments. Motion creates automated processes that move and manage media between Imagine products, storage, and third-party solutions, firing workflows such as quality control, transcoding, restore from archive, and many more.

Motion is a file orchestration service that ensures playout runs smoothly. It makes sure video, graphics, and other assets required for channel origination make it where they need to be on time, every time.

Transform media from one file format to another by incorporating Imagine's SelenioFlex™ File transcoder for file delivery, publishing for OTT, or a multitude of other integrations. In addition to these automatic operations, processes can be triggered manually, and priorities can be modified based on your immediate needs.

Screen capture of the Nexio Motion showing the client based flow chart

Screen capture of the Nexio Motion showing log entries

hand drawing flow chart symbols on a blackboard
  • Enhance automation system operations: Automatically restore missing media from any defined location (video disks, online storage, archives, FTP servers) to the playout server
  • Support large-scale, complex material movement for archive, near-line storage, MCR, VOD, remote uplink/headend and disaster recovery sites
  • Leverage distributed architectures: Manage your media from the data center through the NOC to the remote head-end/insertion point
  • Maximize efficiency with a comprehensive toolset to create automatic processes, reducing or eliminating manual intervention
  • Automate processes: Enable highly efficient and cost-effective operations working across ingest, QC, production, playout, and delivery
  • Offers increased versatility: Receive content from multiple sources, in various formats; send content to different points of distribution
  • Enables integration to other business systems and task management tools


  • Automatically ingest and archive file-based material
  • Intelligent, rules-based content workflows
  • Automatic content cache based on missing IDs on the automation schedules
  • Query the traffic system to extract a purge list
  • Scans Imagine and third-party devices through proprietary and non-proprietary protocols
  • Optimizes content movement and exchanges between disparate system components, applying rules that would otherwise require operator intervention
  • Copy, move, delete, rename, check IDs and retrieve metadata from video file servers and other storage endpoints
  • Provides a centralized storage view of multiple storage silos from multiple vendors
  • Archive, restore, replicate and transcode to multiple formats
  • Monitor storage usage and automatically e-mail system administrators
  • Trigger workflows automatically based on new, updated, or deleted media in storage
  • Schedule tasks at fixed times and dates
  • Initiate workflows based on notifications from devices (e.g., Nexio), applications (e.g., ADC, Versio), or schedules (e.g., Traffic)
  • Import work order lists of material to process
  • Design or modify processes with the user interface-based configuration tools (training and support fees applicable)
  • Distribute material to multiple formats for playout, IPTV, VOD, Web, etc.
  • Quality check/correct material
  • Storage cleanup, automatic purge based on configurable thresholds
  • Drivers to communicate to 3rd-party devices with native protocols


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