Integrated and Shared Storage Media Server

The Nexio+ AMP advanced media server is an efficient and integrated server platform for managing digital content from ingest to playout. It combines industry-leading Hewlett Packard Enterprise standard server models and Imagine software/hardware bundle kits, enabling software-defined applications while delivering the exceptional reliability, flexibility and format transparency that broadcast operations demand.

The front view of the Gen 10 systems used for Versio IOX and Nexio AMP

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  • Exceptional On-Air Reliability – No Single Point of Failure
  • Efficient Workflows – Accelerates Time-to-Air
  • UHD- and HDR-Ready
  • High Scalability – Expand Storage with No System Downtime
  • Easy Serviceability and Maintenance – Worry-free Operation
  • Flexible system designs: System scales from small integrated servers to 1000+ channel SAN architecture. Pay as you go online expansion of storage capacity and bandwidth
  • Packed with value-added features for simple & efficient workflows: Offers proxy generation, on-SAN editing, multichannel audio and more
  • Comprehensive range of software-based codecs and formats: Add codecs through software upgrades and licensing


Nexio® Media Server Applications
Content Management, Synchronization, and Control Applications

Nexio® Media Server Applications deliver a high-performance, easy-to-operate, streamlined solution that meets the demanding requirements of broadcast and professional media environments. Seamlessly add editing integration, advanced content management, automatic file synchronization, automated time delay, and a number of control applications into your server system.

Channel control, configuration, clip management, media transfers, channel monitoring, and system monitoring has never been easier

Nexio® Playlist™

Nexio® PlayList is an event-sequencing application that controls Nexio AMP servers to facilitate play-to-air operations in transmission, sports and news environments.

It’s ideal for commercial insertion applications and small-market programming where full station automation is not required. Nexio PlayList can also be used to inexpensively backup station automation systems. The application enables you to choose clips from the Nexio MediaBase™ asset inventory and arrange them in order for play-to-air.

Nexio AMP® ChannelView™

Nexio AMP® ChannelView™ integrates software-based multiviewer I/O monitoring directly into the Nexio AMP server, allowing users to easily and cost-effectively monitor the server’s input and output ports on an attached VGA monitor.

Nexio® Delay™

Nexio® Delay™ is a software application for Nexio servers to provide a time delay recording and playout. Nexio Delay allows a frame-accurate time delay with a range of a few seconds up to 24 hours. Users can pre-program the Nexio server to record an inbound feed at a later time and can delay playouts for live event censoring or for time zone-based delayed broadcasts.

Nexio® Track Router

Nexio Track Router simplifies, and in many instances replaces, downstream audio router needs, and is especially useful when different routing rules must be applied dynamically based on multiple audio profiles present in the media library. For instance, when HD and upconverted SD content are played back-to-back, it is a complex task to identify different audio profiles in the output stream and correctly re-map them with a downstream audio router. Nexio Track Router will be of particular interest to broadcasters:

  • with multi-language content and channels with different language profiles;
  • of syndicated or other distributed content who need to map audio to local audio profile requirements;
  • who are either re-purposing or multi-purposing content for SD and HD channels with different audio profiles;
  • who receive content which requires replacement of or additional caption tracks in local languages.


Nexio® ClipSync™

Nexio® ClipSync™ is an optional software application that allows Nexio AMP servers to synchronize two playout channels so that they act as one single channel.

This capability allows two clips to be played in sync for key-plus-fill, looping, single-channel playback and other production processes.

When used in conjunction with the Nexio PlayList™ application, Nexio ClipSync allows linked clips to be entered into a playlist as a single clip. The software can be controlled by either the NXOS standard Nexio interface or the Nexio Remote™ monitoring and control software application. It can also be controlled by automation systems via VDCP or Nexio native protocol.

Nexio® Remote™

Nexio® Remote™ is used to monitor and control channels on one or more Nexio servers over a local area network (LAN). From a single user interface baseband ingest, playout and content management can be controlled for up to six Nexio channels on any of the servers in a single server system. In addition, it supports optional applications including Nexio® Playlist™, ClipSync™ and Delay™.

When a channel from a Nexio server is connected to Nexio Remote, control of that channel is locked to the application. Nexio Remote may also be used to remotely manage content and control several user applications on the Nexio server. Operators can connect and disconnect from different servers in the system, maximizing flexibility and control.

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Imagine Communications Upgrades Playout at Australia’s Largest Managed Media Services Provider, NPC Media

Imagine Communications has been selected by NPC Media Pty Ltd, a  venture formed between Australia’s largest commercial broadcasters, Seven (ASX:SWM) and Nine (ASX:NEC), to provide an extensive infrastructure upgrade of the National Playout Centre (NPC) in Sydney, Australia.

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Imagine Updates Master Control for Egyptian National Media Authority

Imagine Communications is building a completely updated master control and playout platform for the newly formed Egyptian National Media Authority (ENMA), previously Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), the national broadcaster in Egypt. The phased upgrade of this facility is designed to deliver a high level of operational resilience and integrates seamlessly with the broadcaster’s existing infrastructure, ensuring a simple and secure transition to IP when the broadcaster is ready to migrate its operations. 

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