Software Control System for Hybrid Baseband/IP Facilities

As media companies embark on the technology transformation of their facilities from baseband to IP, they face investment, operational and workflow challenges. To achieve the promised economies and agility, software-defined networks require sophisticated control. The Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator (SDNO) from Imagine Communications is a proven software control solution deployed in multiple installations worldwide. It delivers full support for SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022-6, plus the most comprehensive list of third-party IP endpoints via native APIs and open protocols, making it ideal to orchestrate complete live production and playout operations.

By facilitating the seamless integration of IP technology with legacy systems,  Magellan SDNO protects your existing infrastructure investments, allowing you to maintain operational and workflow integrity in a hybrid environment, while on the path to an all-IP network.

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MSNDO front panel hardware

HPE Gen 10 hardware used with MSNDO

HPE Gen 10 hardware, the back panel, used with MSNDO

Screen shot of the MSNDO client software

Screen shot of the MSNDO routing system software

  • Leverage existing SDI infrastructure investments
  • Incorporate IP at your desired pace
  • Implement a true COTS solution based on open standards
  • Manage hybrid environments in the transition to full IP
  • Simplifies management/operations, makes everything ‘look like a router’
  • Maximizes infrastructure investments, delivering scalability, efficiency of IP-based systems
  • Utilizes COTS IP switching, leveraging the latest generation of IP routers
  • Offers easiest path from SDI to IP and UHD, leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Field-proven router control system, managing SDI and IP matrices simultaneously
  • Supports host of Imagine IP end-points, as well as 3rd-party end-points using native and open APIs
  • Supports IP/SDI hybrid networks; works within existing workflow – no operational disruptions
  • Features a mix of physical and virtual processing functions
  • Provides control framework for hybrid SDI/ASI/IP facilities
  • Utilizes current routing protocols and control panels
  • Controls and monitors the virtual plant, providing operational visibility
  • Presents a unified control environment for operations
  • Offers compatibility with automation, tally, multiviewer, other devices in the facility
  • Manages IP switching and connectivity
  • True audio/video/data breakaway capability in the IP domain in a SMPTE ST 2110 environment
  • Supports switching of compressed and uncompressed signals per SMPTE ST 2022 standards
  • Delivers high availability through 1+1 redundant configuration
  • Enables clean switching of uncompressed IP sources
  • Facilitates seamless redundancy switching in main and backup network configuration (SMPTE 2022-7)
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Russia’s NTV Taps Imagine Communications for Transition to IP Playout

Imagine Communications has delivered a scalable, next-generation playout system for Russian broadcaster NTV. Looking to expand its operations to support new channels, NTV decided to take the opportunity to move to an IP infrastructure for all-HD distribution.

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