Complete End-to-End Network Monitoring and Control

The Magellan™ network management system (NMS) is a powerful monitoring and control solution ideal for the IPTV, satellite and broadcast industries.

Designed on an open architecture using industry-standard interfaces such as SNMP, Magellan NMS enables you to effectively manage your entire operational ecosystem — from signal acquisition to signal delivery. With this easily scalable platform, you can confidently expand an existing system to a corporate-wide deployment or grow a regional operation to a global one.

Magellan NMS software - Selenio module dashboard

Magellan NMS software - Selenio module overview

Magellan NMS software - Platinum Servers

Magellan NMS software - PC hardware monitoring

Magellan NMS software - global map

Magellan NMS software - network connectivity

Magellan NMS software - bar graphs

Magellan NMS software - hardware and stats

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  • Offers a distributed architecture – no central server to manage, no single point of failure and no processing bottleneck
  • Delivers a comprehensive network-wide view of your system
  • Simplifies monitoring of multi-user, multi-vendor environments
  • Features an intuitive user interface, a web-based tool that can be accessed from any location at any time
  • Open architecture with industry-standard interfaces
  • Scalable from small systems to corporate-wide deployments
  • Intuitive UI spanning entire operational environment; available with unique features and capabilities, including the renowned Microsoft Visio®-compliant topological bubble-up and drill-down display
  • Provides essential real-time data interaction, trend analysis and professional alarms management
  • Open, XML drivers, enabling you to create new drivers or modify existing drivers
  • Powerful conversion capability into standard interfaces, including SNMP, for seamless interfacing with third-party north-bound OSS components (e.g., trouble ticket platform)
  • Professional security supports domain integration, role-based configuration, resource access management and real-time audit trailing
  • Intelligent alarming features hysteresis, absolute and relative thresholds, user-defined color coding and much more
  • Alarm management via a powerful Alarm Console for sorting, smart filtering, masking and acknowledging, user customization, exporting, etc.
  • Short- and long-term intelligent trending, with powerful UI featuring export, automatic statistical analysis and more
  • E-mail notifications triggered by user-defined events
  • Self-maintaining and self-healing, including automated back-up
  • Real-time access and control on any device from any vendor


Open, XML-based drivers
Magellan NMS not only provides the technology to interface with any device, but also allows you to create your own drivers, or to modify existing drivers, without prerequisites such as programming experience. This means that anybody can expand the deployment of your Magellan NMS platform, and adding new devices now takes only a matter of days.

Open, XML-based drivers deliver valuable advantages and give you the freedom to operate any way you want. By the time competing solutions provide you with a price quote to modify a driver on their system, you can have the modification implemented in your Magellan NMS platform.

Complete, virtual SNMP modeling
Once a device is integrated on the Magellan NMS platform, it is assigned a unique IP address, and a dedicated SNMP agent is automatically hosted on that IP address. Hence, from an IP network perspective, it appears as if the device is now connected directly with the IP network and has its own IP address. This means that for different purposes, you can now interface any of your devices with any SNMP-compliant software application. The SNMP agents support SNMP trap forwarding in case of alarm events; SNMP Gets for retrieval of real-time status information and SNMP Sets for complete remote control.

Interface with any third-party device
Magellan NMS is the first and only solution available in the industry that can truly interface with any third-party device, whether that device has a standardized or proprietary interface. You can rest assured that any device in your system and any device that you will install can interface with your Magellan NMS platform.

Unlimited web-based access
Entering the IP address associated with one of your devices into your web browser provides you access to that device via a rich, intuitive web interface, including real-time data, trending, active and historical alarms, documents, reports, services, video thumbnails, etc. With Magellan NMS, you can access any device in your system from any location with a standard PC, and you will get a uniform web interface that provides a complete, interactive experience.

Distributed architecture
Magellan NMS is the first in the industry to unleash the true power of a distributed solution. A Magellan NMS system is composed of a set of Magellan NMS agents, interconnected with a TCP/IP network — there is no central server to buy, install and maintain, no single point of failure and no processing bottleneck.

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