Automated Content Management and Distribution
Today, broadcast automation is no longer simply channel playout — it has become a content management and distribution engine. Media operations need to be able to simply and effectively distribute their content, regardless of format.

Imagine Communications ADC™ is an on-premise automation solution for any content management workflow requirement. Field-proven at some of some of the industry’s most demanding environments, it is the ideal platform for content control and delivery, incorporating the benefits of asset management with the efficiencies of automated operations.

By offering operational flexibility and modular scalability, ADC is designed to adapt to your evolving business needs, while giving you the tools to explore new revenue concepts.

Screen capture of the ADC software

Screen capture of the ADC AirClient software

Screen capture of the ADC AirClient software

Screen capture of the ADC AirClient software

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  • Reliable: A resilient, robust and proven platform, ADC protects your revenue streams with multiple, interlocking redundancy strategies.
  • Flexible and Scalable: The ADC system’s scalable, modular architecture allows it to economically and efficiently adapt as your needs evolve. Whether it is used to launch more channels, incorporate new media workflows, or meet enhanced redundancy requirements, ADC brings simplicity to scalability.
  • Affordable: Economical package pricing provides an affordable system entry point to accommodate any budget or workflow practice. The ADC system’s small hardware footprint, quick commissioning and low cost of ownership make it the ideal solution for small- to medium-sized operations.
  • Easy to Use: Intuitive, Windows®-based applications provide an enriched user experience, allowing users of all skill levels to quickly become proficient in system operations.
  • Interoperable: ADC integrates with more devices and business systems than any other automation product, creating seamless workflow environments.

ADC on-premise playout automation is built on the following components:

Device Controller

The Device Controller provides real-time control of devices and can manage multiple playlists on multiple networks and serial devices. Individual Device Controllers can manage several channels while simultaneously ingesting other channels. Devices Controllers can be paired for redundant operations, supporting manual or automatic failover.

File Server

File Server is a standard Microsoft SQL database that stores all metadata needed to support automated workflows. The flexible database structure allows customers to create their own database tables in addition to those provided with the standard schema. Like the Device Controller, File Servers can be paired for redundancy, supporting manual or automatic failover.

Air Client™

Air Client™ is a highly intuitive and efficient workstation used for managing playlists. Air Client™ can monitor and control multiple playout and ingest channels, across multiple device controllers, from a single UI.

Media Client

Media Client is an ingest workstation that allows new material to be acquired by automation. Media Client also manages the automation’s database and the media that is stored on various devices, such as video disks and archives.

Utilizing this modular architecture, ADC can be simply and economically scaled to grow with the evolving needs of a facility. Regardless if it is launching more channels, incorporating new media workflows or enhanced redundancy, ADC provides simplicity and scalability.

Right-Sized Redundancy

ADC features multiple, interlocking redundancy strategies so you can utilize the method that best protects your revenue streams. These include:

List Redundancy

List Redundancy provides advanced protection for your content through the duplication and synchronization of automation schedules. List Redundancy secures your operations through the automatic creation of parallel transmission paths, either of which can assume playout responsibilities, should the need arise.

Cold Standby

Cold Standby, in conjunction with List Redundancy, provides protection for the ADC Device Controllers and communications to the controlled devices. Cold Standby ensures that operations continue by providing parallel control paths from the device controllers to your devices. Control of devices can be passed from the main device controller to a backup device controller.

Microsoft® Clustering

The ADC database architecture supports Microsoft® Clustering, allowing it to be used to protect your metadata assets.

ADC is a proven solution for a variety of markets, including:

Broadcast/Cable Networks

ADC supports the unique and complex workflows associated with network content. It regionalized commercial insertion, advanced media workflows including conversion to mezzanine formats, automated QC, and enhanced redundancy. ADC is the preferred solution for network content providers.

Commercial Environments

ADC is the ideal platform for dynamic commercial environments. It offers the ability to support complex branding, maximize efficiencies in multichannel operations, support rapidly changing schedules that are associated with live news and sports, and seamlessly manage content from acquisition to distribution.


ADC playout automation successfully supports workflows at Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member stations, including satellite control and tight interaction with Traffic/Scheduling systems.

Centralized Operations

ADC supports multiple centralization strategies, including distributed ingest, centralized and edge playout. ADC has the flexibility and feature set to accommodate any centralized practice.

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Saudi Broadcasting Authority Selects Imagine for Integrated Multichannel Networking and Playout

Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA), part of the Ministry of Media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is replacing the playout technology for its main channels with an integrated solution from Imagine Communications. SBA, one of the most prestigious broadcasters in the Gulf region, is seeking to boost daily operational efficiency and eliminate human error for reliable and professional broadcasting.

To meet the requirements of SBA, Imagine Communications was able to propose a coherent end-to-end system covering network infrastructure, routing, monitoring, ingest, asset management and playout under ADC™ automation control, to replace the current system based on hardware from multiple vendors.

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The Philippines' Cignal TV Expands Playout Capabilities with Imagine Communications

Cignal TV, the leading satellite broadcaster in the Philippines, has expanded its playout capacity using the fully integrated Versio™ modular playout solution from Imagine Communications. Cignal TV broadcasts premium content on both television and radio to more than two million subscribers across the country. To meet the expectations of its audience, Cignal TV continually adds high-quality content and channels. The new playout system gives the broadcaster increased scalability and speed to market with a future-proofed, software-based solution.

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Imagine Communications Upgrades Thai PBS with Software-Defined Technology

Imagine Communications has upgraded an existing news, production and playout infrastructure at Thai Public Broadcasting Services (Thai PBS), the leading public broadcaster in Thailand. The state-of-the-art installation gives the broadcaster greatly increased flexibility, scalability and speed for an operationally agile and future-focused solution through the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware running Nexio®️ software from Imagine. The new Imagine solution enables Thai PBS to put content on air faster and easier to meet its audience’s voracious need for news content.

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Russia’s NTV Taps Imagine Communications for Transition to IP Playout

Imagine Communications has delivered a scalable, next-generation playout system for Russian broadcaster NTV. Looking to expand its operations to support new channels, NTV decided to take the opportunity to move to an IP infrastructure for all-HD distribution.

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