Optimize inventory and maximize advertising revenue across markets, networks, and platforms

To maximize efficiency and revenue, modern sales organizations require easy-to-use tools, an understanding of customer insights, and comprehensive pipeline creation. Elevate your game and hit your targets with a system designed to optimize the sales process and increase deal size, while shortening the sales cycle.

Our media sales solutions enable you to efficiently manage the complete advertising lifecycle from the initial proposal to the final booking, providing powerful tools for strategic revenue optimization, inventory management, and pricing. Make your inventory work harder and maximize your revenue to gain a competitive edge.

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AdConnections™ delivers the new standard in broadcast sales technology. The system provides Web-based research and proposal tools to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Landmark Sales
Landmark Sales manages billions of dollars of advertising inventory for leading media companies around the world. The system executes advertising campaigns across multichannel, multimedia environments and provides total control over available inventory to ensure efficient and effective time utilization. Whether you are a nimble cross-media sales operation, regional network or large-scale multichannel operator, the powerful campaign-led approach provides automatic spot placement for impression-based, line-based and spot-based ad sales.
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