Maximize Utilization of Airtime Inventory

Ad driven organizations need to remain competitive in this new world by optimizing revenue and leveraging operational efficiencies. The recent industry innovations and fragmentation of viewership are causing content and service providers to see a decline in linear ad revenue. Not only are there revenue implications, but new technology also leads to additional workflow complexity. 

Although technology innovations elicit challenges, they also introduce flexibility to disrupt standard processes. Today, organizations have the ability to utilize audience data and match with segments to optimize spend based on actions, behaviors, and interests. When a particular audience is overused, resulting in high frequency, CPM becomes costly and performance declines drastically. The key to increased engagement and impactful campaigns, is keeping campaigns fresh – this can often be challenging to do manually with multiple workflows, audience segments, offerings, and creative.

Incorporating optimization into your advertising workflow will bring improved efficiency to spot- and audience-based campaigns to reach target goals with less inventory and offer better value and more options for targeting the right viewers with the right ads.

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xG GamePlan
Ad-driven media organizations are under more pressure than ever to maximize the value of their airtime inventory. Enter xG GamePlan™, the cutting-edge inventory optimization tool that expertly delivers audience targets to multiscreen devices while consuming the minimal amount of commercial airtime. Cloud-based and ultra-scalable, xG GamePlan provides computer-generated scenarios from real-time analysis to increase both ad efficiency and, most importantly, revenue.
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