Drive Revenue and Respond Rapidly to Changing Customer Needs

In today’s fragmented advertising businesses and dispersed advertising financial operations — where customers deal with multiple departments and multiple invoices, and payments are split across different parts of the organization — management is challenged to attain the visibility necessary to make the right assessments of customer performance and provide insight into driving revenue.

Our media-centric billing system streamlines multiplatform financial operations, delivering increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction, while also laying the groundwork for growth. By synchronizing multiple systems into a single view, this enterprise software system provides full visibility to your business, enabling you to assess customer performance, drive revenue and respond rapidly to changing customer needs.

Man holding a pencil against several growth charts while reviewing a laptop screen.
xG Finance
Imagine Communications xG Finance ™ unified billing and financial management software streamlines multi-platform advertising into a single financial system − improving customer satisfaction and laying the groundwork for growth. Simplify revenue management across your business with a system that enables you to fully monetize relationships, manage, track, and assess customer performance, and generate higher revenue across your business.
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