Seamlessly transition at the pace that works with your business

The IP transition is far from a one-size-fits-all proposition. While there’s widespread agreement on the end goal of an all-IP environment, the journey will be unique to every customer. So how do you make a move toward the network of the future in a way that works for your business? Start by selecting your current outlook.

Whether you’re an all-IP trailblazer, or still need to maximize the life of your current SDI assets, Imagine has a field-proven solution that will give you an edge whenever you’re ready to jumpstart your IP journey.

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Let's go all-IP

We’ve done IP. A whole lot of it. Media companies all over the world are working with Imagine to make their IP visions a reality. And we can share the many lessons learned that will help you turn disruption into opportunity.

Here’s a great example. Check out how New York-based VICE Media became one of the first news organizations to adopt pure-IP infrastructure

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“It is great to see our new UHD1 truck on the road, giving us both outstanding production quality and valuable experience in developing and operating IP networks. Most important, it does all this while looking and feeling like the trucks that our crews have been operating for years.”
Andreas Lattmann, CTO of tpc (Switzerland)

Let's start with hybrid

At the risk of bragging, we’ve got some pretty smart people on our team. Got questions on how a standards-based, hybrid SDI-IP infrastructure works in the real world? The SMPTE ST 2110 document editor works for Imagine!

For some from-the-field perspective, see how Sky Italia went hybrid SDI-IP to enable efficient, centralized monitoring of multiple sites.

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“We didn’t want to build the new infrastructure on a baseband foundation, and it made sense to take advantage of some of the efficiencies of IP in conjunction with the move. The result is a hybrid facility with IP at its core — an approach that enables us to futureproof our network and support an incremental and self-paced migration to an all-IP future.”
Thiago Abreu, Project Manager at TV Globo (Brazil)

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Let's maximize SDI assets

If you’re like most of your peers, you don’t have the luxury of forklifting your plant. No problem! Our practical, standards-based solutions let you protect your existing SDI investments and transition to IP at whatever pace works with your business.

But don’t just take our word for it. Learn how TV Azteca is maintaining legacy equipment while pursuing an ultimate goal of end-to-end IP.

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“The goal was to maximize the lifespan of our current technology without risking operations or making changes to the workflow. The recommendations made by Imagine provided us with a plan to see which elements needed extended support, as well as a path for upgrading to a next-generation infrastructure.”
Tod Madden, Director of TV & Network Engineering for Bell Media
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