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Imagine Communications is a global leader in video and advertising solutions serving the media and entertainment, multichannel video programming distributors and enterprise markets. We believe that being a responsible corporate citizen is central to our purpose and values, allowing us to inspire trust among our business partners and motivate team members to make the right choices for our business, our communities and our planet. Our interest in the environment goes beyond the mandates of governmental regulation. We actively engage our team members, business partners, customers and others in finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of our and our customers’ operations so future generations can prosper.
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Imagine Communications is environmentally responsible in the design and provision of our products and services, and in the operation of our facilities, selection of suppliers and other business activities. We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as our voluntary commitments to sustainable practices and environmental protection. Imagine Communications strives to conserve natural resources and minimize negative impact that our actions, products and services may have on the global and local environment.

We are committed to preventing pollution within our product life cycles through responsible product design and by requiring our suppliers to adhere to sustainable practices. Imagine Communications is also committed to complying with all applicable environmental legislation and other requirements and we assess our compliance on a regular basis. Imagine Communications’ focus is to continually improve our environmental management system and its performance and the company takes appropriate measures to meet our Responsibility Objectives.

Ethical Sourcing

Imagine Communications sets expectations for environmental excellence in our supply chain and includes sustainability performance criteria in procurement decisions. We select vendors and suppliers who:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to compliance with laws protecting the environment
  • Engage in sustainable business practices
  • Implement programs to reduce and control any significant environmental impacts

All of our products must be safe and dependable, and must meet all applicable legal and regulatory requirements as well as the quality expectations of our customers. We are committed to compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in each country into which our products are shipped. Our products are designed and tested to meet the appropriate standards relating to product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental protection and other regulatory compulsory requirements, when used for their intended purpose.  More importantly, we will never sell anything anywhere that we believe is dangerous for people or the environment.

To ensure this commitment is met and also help us continuously improve, we engage in rigorous assessments of critical manufacturing partners, including third-party (e.g., TUV/UL/CSA) safety audits of these partners. We investigate all credible good faith reports and customer concerns of suspected safety issues and take appropriate actions to continuously improve the safety of our products and services. Where Imagine Communications employs contract manufacturing for the creation and assembly of our products, we require manufacturing processes and material handling methods which meet the environmental requirements for the European Directives (EU); Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

Conservation by Design

Imagine Communications is committed to innovation in the Broadcast Industry. Not only do we strive to create ground-breaking solutions to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers, but we also push for efficiency and reductions in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in customer implementations of technology. We strive to design products and services that address sound environmental design practices with designs that are modular, resource efficient, contain fewer hazardous materials and consumer lower energy and power than their predecessors.

One of our primary motivations in design is to increase processing and channel density while using smaller form factors for products. This not only promotes lower energy consumption but it also reduces the amount of materials used in production.

Over the past few years, our Routing, Processing, Encoding, and Servers solutions have adopted the use of HD-BNC connectors, increasing significantly the I/O density of our product offering. Our latest generation products are “80 PLUS” power-supply certified – a certification program intended to promote efficient energy use in computer power supply units (PSUs).

In addition, our design philosophy is to continue to incorporate the latest generations of semiconductors, which are lower power while higher performance, in our design cycle. This enables the same function with a smaller chip and lower power as well as more functions without an increase in power usage.

As a global leader in video and advertising solutions, Imagine Communications continues to monitor developments and regulations worldwide towards reducing the amount of energy consumed by our products. Most recently, the US Department of Energy (DoE) published a new set of requirements (known as Level VI) aiming to reduce the amount of energy used by External Power Supplies (EPS). Imagine Communications has already started working to transition our products which rely on EPS to comply with the more stringent Level VI requirements.

Although the new standard (Level VI) is only expected to come into effect in the US at this time, we expect that other countries will follow suit. The European Union (EA) directive for EPS is currently under review and it is likely to align with the US standards. Other countries are expected to also harmonize with this new standard as well.

Imagine Communications’ IP transition strategy is to leverage the performance advantages seen in the IT industry to provide solutions that come in smaller and blade-server form factors which inherently lead to energy savings. As we incorporate IP-based technologies into our product portfolio and leverage future-proven GBE interfaces, we expect that this transition will increase channel density even further.

We have partnered with key suppliers of IT and datacenter infrastructure equipment to harness the power and flexibility of “Commercial Off-the-Shelf” (COTS) IT devices. The power supplies in our COTS platforms are “80 PLUS” certified and use the latest generations of processors and chipsets. As an example of our evolution, our Playout products now use 2RU/1RU COTS hardware, down from 3RU/4RU sized form factors used just a few years ago. At the same time, we have been able to increase significantly the density of baseband channels available on I/O cards.

Facilities & Operations

Imagine Communications’ corporate headquarters, located in Frisco, Texas, USA, is housed in an office building designed for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification – a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings for environmental responsibility and using resources efficiently. At work, team members practice recycling where available, and take action to reduce consumption of water, energy and other resources. Additionally, they are instructed to conserve paper by limiting printing and reuse boxes and other containers when possible. All facilities adhere to properly disposing of all electronic products and components—including internal equipment, returned customer units or other inventory—in compliance with applicable legal requirements and Imagine Communications policies.
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Our Quality Mission:

To establish and maintain systems which support and encourage continuous improvement and superior performance in all phases of our operation.

Our Quality Policy:

To create and deliver products, systems and solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Imagine Communications has developed and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) in order to document the company’s best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers and improve the overall management of the company. Where we use contract manufacturing in the construction of our products, we require those contract manufacturers to have implemented and adhere to a QMS as well.

The Quality Management System of Imagine Communications and its contract manufacturers meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. This system addresses the design, development, production, installation, and servicing of the company’s products.

  • ISO 9001: 2008: Contract Manufacturing of printed circuit assemblies, sub-assemblies, complete units and units that offer design and test development service to the electronic industry.
  • TL 9000: Contract Manufacturing of printed circuit assemblies, sub-assemblies, complete units and units that offer design and test development service to the telecommunication industry.
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Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is President of Imagine Communications, a global leader in multiscreen video and ad management solutions that broadcasters, networks, video service providers and enterprises around the world rely on to support their mission-critical operations.

Steve brings 25 years of technology leadership in the video industry to Imagine Communications. He has served as the CTO at Imagine Communications and Harris Broadcast, Senior Vice President of Premises Technology at Comcast, Senior Vice President of Technology at OpenTV, and CTO at Intellocity USA.

Steve earned a MS in Computer Engineering from Widener University and BS in Computer Science from West Chester University. As the Chairman of the AIMS Alliance and a member of SMPTE and SCTE, he has participated in numerous standards-making bodies in the cable and digital video industries. Steve also holds over 40 patents relating to digital video, content security, interactive television and digital devices.