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Think about it, today North American broadcast companies are faced with many challenges when it comes to ad sales: they have standalone legacy systems, cumbersome multi-step processes and little to no real-time, comprehensive platform visibility. With the need to manage linear, CTV and on-demand channels, the ad sales team becomes ever more entangled in inefficient processes that consume valuable time as they navigate between multiple systems for inventory avails, proposals, orders, rate cards, and reporting.

In this blog, we explore a revolutionary ad sales platform designed for North American broadcast companies. We delve into how to streamline the sales process through a single integrated OMS solution, offering real-time data, boosting sales team efficiency and revenue in the competitive media landscape.

Imagine a modern, streamlined ad sales platform specifically designed for the broadcast industry?

Introducing Imagine’s CrossFlight! Created with the goal of helping broadcast organizations reliably and effectively increase revenue, CrossFlight is designed to transform daily sales operations today as well as to prepare for the future of converged orders and expanded audience measurement. Let’s dig into how Crossflight does this with a suite of features that truly redefines broadcast ad sales.

Boosting Sales Efficiency: More Selling, Less Juggling

You want the most out of your sales team, right? CrossFlight streamlines their workflow by providing up-to-the-minute inventory access, enabling rapid proposal creation and order approval. This efficiency is enhanced by dynamic pricing, where CrossFlight’s advanced algorithms and historical data adjust spot rates based on current fill rates and timelines, ensuring optimal inventory valuation. Moreover, with customizable rate curves and discount tolerances, local broadcast stations gain the pricing flexibility they need, free from the complexities of spreadsheets and disparate systems. Essentially, CrossFlight integrates the entire sales process into a seamless experience, putting everything your team needs right at their fingertips.

With CrossFlight, avail requests and proposals can be swiftly converted into orders or submissions for approval in just one step. Once authorized, execute orders to integrated TV traffic systems flow effortlessly through an intuitive web-based user interface.

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Elevate your broadcast sales with CrossFlight's innovative algorithms for dynamic pricing

What if your sales team had smarter tools?

Imagine empowering your sales force with advanced, real-time data reporting and insights. CrossFlight elevates your team’s capabilities by providing immediate access to campaign performance metrics, fostering precise forecasting and a comprehensive view of sales pipelines, order commitments, and target achievements. This level of instant visibility is a game-changer. It means you can make decisions on the fly and do a deep dive into your campaigns after they’re over. Plus, CrossFlight’s reporting tools do more than just crunch numbers; they shine a light on how your sales team is doing. Who’s leading the charge? Where do you need to up your game? Our interactive dashboards make understanding all this complex data a breeze, equipping your team with the insights they need to make smart moves.

Smarter, Faster Workflows in One Platform

With CrossFlight, all processes for selling inventory occur in one centralized platform. The ad sales team has easy access to orders and campaigns that are fed into traffic systems without the need for separate logins. The architecture ensures seamless integration with other enterprise systems.  

Ready to Streamline Your Ad Sales and boost revenue to stay competitive in the dynamic media landscape? Ask for a CrossFlight demo today!

Unify Ad Sales: CrossFlight's one-platform solution for seamless inventory management

The platform that powers sales

North American broadcasters can transform daily sales operations to maximize revenue and prepare for a future of converged orders and expanded audience measurement.
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The platform that powers sales

North American broadcasters can transform daily sales operations to maximize revenue and prepare for a future of converged orders and expanded audience measurement.
January 30, 2024 - By Dan Murray
Product Marketing Manager - Ad Tech
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Steve earned a MS in Computer Engineering from Widener University and BS in Computer Science from West Chester University. As the Chairman of the AIMS Alliance and a member of SMPTE and SCTE, he has participated in numerous standards-making bodies in the cable and digital video industries. Steve also holds over 40 patents relating to digital video, content security, interactive television and digital devices.