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As the boundaries between CTV and linear TV continue to blur, advertisers seek greater control over ad placements in CTV. In a recent Connected TV Ad Buying Survey of ad agency buyers, by Imagine, explores the growing prominence of CTV advertising and identifies key challenges faced in this space. The results from the survey emphasize the demand for "linear-like control" in CTV. This blog explores the benefits of achieving linear-like ad placements in CTV, leveraging insights from the survey and Imagine’s extensive knowledge of TV advertising placement.

CTV Ad Buyer Survey Insights

According to the survey, an overwhelming 86% of respondents expressed a strong desire for "linear-like control" over ad placements in CTV. This level of control allows advertisers to specify the time, date, program, and region for their ads, regardless of whether it is linear, streaming, or on-demand.

Benefits of Linear-Like Ad Placements

  • Targeted Ad Placements: Linear-like control enables strategic positioning of ads in specific time slots, programs, and regions, reaching desired audiences more effectively and maximizing campaign impact and relevance.
  • Consistent Brand Messaging: Extending linear TV's strict adherence to brand rules, restrictions, separation, and frequency to CTV ensures brand consistency and integrity across both platforms.
  • Enhanced Campaign Performance: Optimized ad placements, aligned with the right context, timing, and audience, enhance engagement, visibility, and overall campaign performance.
  • Streamlined Workflows and Efficiency: Unified ad decisioning platforms, like SureFire, eliminate the need for separate systems and manual processes, saving time and resources while improving campaign management.
  • Accurate Measurement and Analytics: Achieving linear-like ad placements in CTV provides advertisers with detailed audience data and analytics, enabling accurate measurement of campaign success and performance.

Premium Ad Decisioning for CTV: SureFire Video Ad Server

Imagine’s premium ad decisioning solution for CTV is SureFire , a broadcast-quality video ad server. This innovative solution empowers broadcasters to achieve linear-like ad placements in CTV by leveraging common broadcast rules and schedule aware placement across CTV, FAST and addressable linear platforms.


As the advertising landscape evolves, achieving linear-like ad placements in CTV becomes crucial for broadcasters. The survey results highlight the demand for this level of control to strategically position ads and achieve better targeting and campaign performance. Imagine Communications’ innovative solutions, like SureFire video ad server, empower broadcasters to achieve consistent brand control, improved campaign performance, and streamlined workflows in CTV. By taking control of ad placements in CTV, advertisers can unlock the full potential of their advertising efforts in this rapidly evolving landscape.

August 10, 2023 - By Dan Murray
Product Marketing Manager, Ad Tech
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