One click. Infinite routing options.

In a market crowded with routing contenders, Imagine Communications makes the decision easy. Our industry-leading Platinum™ line has achieved an impressive resumé of innovation, delivering the industry’s highest level of router technology integration, limitless expansion options and exceptional on-air protection.

Field-tested and proven, running 24/7, our small-size to enterprise-class routers are at the core of SDI, hybrid SDI/IP and all-IP environments in broadcast and media operations worldwide.

Ready to see what your routing solution can look like? Check out our easy-to-use Platinum routing configuration tool. Select any size frame and matrix. Explore routing options that fit your needs and build your ideal system. With the Platinum™ router line — and our Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator software control solution — every choice is the right one.

Explore the configurator tool.

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