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Introducing Imagine’s API Developer Portal – With over a thousand integration points and counting, explore the possibilities for easier access, efficient collaboration, and rapid integration between your tools and Imagine's solutions.

Orchestrator Blog

Adopting a hybrid approach to playout can help extend your reach, grow your audience and create new revenue streams. But how do you efficiently deploy and manage a mix of channel workflows?

Paris 2024 Blog

High-profile sports events have always driven innovation in broadcasting. In his latest blog, John Mailhot reviews the advances in HDR production that are helping pave the way to Paris.

Da Ai TV

Innovative non-profit media group leads market’s IP migration, partnering with Imagine to deploy an end-to-end ST 2110-compliant production and playout infrastructure.

Kyle Blog

Kyle had a competitor’s view of Imagine for years, holding leadership roles with a veritable who’s who of broadcast technology brands. Now he’s on the inside ― any surprises?

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Step away from the spot

Audience-based ad models mean lower operating costs, zero wastage and no more make-goods. Maybe it’s time to consider stepping away from the spot?

Learn how one leading broadcaster removed 80 percent of the workload associated with trading TV by moving away from spot-based sales.

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family on couch, mom holding a TV remote, child holding a tablet, dad using a laptop

Leave no screen untapped

Spinning up channels is all in a day’s work. Multiplatform has moved from nice-to-have to must-have. And if OTT isn’t at least on your radar, you’re not in the game.

Next-gen playout, whether on-prem, or in a hybrid or cloud environment, makes it easy to reach viewers however they’re consuming TV — and helps fast-track your time to revenue.

Maximize the fan experience — and your ROI

Sports fans are driving demand for more content on more devices, at maximum quality. But increased demand doesn’t always equal increased revenue.

Migrating to IP makes it easier to keep pace. With today’s standards-based tech, you can protect your SDI investments and move to IP at whatever pace works with your business.

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